The spreads below are from my upcoming book, Bass to Zwart: An Exploration of Design as We Know It. I included the final two versions of each spread (before I ultimately narrowed them down to one) to provide a little look into my process.



I created each of the following compositions with the most basic principles of design in mind: weight, scale, texture, direction, form, space, and color. The first two I created traditionally; the remaining six I created using Adobe Illustrator and scans of hand-drawn elements. Click on any image to enlarge.



Los Angeles: City on Wheels is a project in two parts. The first, shown below, is a series of postcards; each one made to represent a different method of transportation essential to the city’s residents. These postcards were ultimately printed and came with their own specially made packaging, designed to evoke the urban, industrial feel of the city’s transportation systems. Click on any image to enlarge.


The second part of Los Angeles: City on Wheels is a hand-bound, French-folded book whose purpose is to visually explore the LA resident’s morning commute, transforming the experience of sitting in traffic into a journey through the heart and spirit of Los Angeles.



The work below is a collection of commissions and collaborations I have done over the last few years, including three covers of Marin County satire magazine The Leek and the cover and an excerpt from my upcoming graphic novel (written by Asher Sinaiko) The Right Hand of Darkness: A Tale of Bloody Revenge. Click on any image to enlarge.